What is Achilles Tendon and what does it do?

The Achilles tendon is one of the most strongest ligaments in the body. Appending the lower leg muscle to the foot, the Achilles ligament plays an essential part in strolling, running, hopping.

As a functioning ligament, it is at more prone to get injured.

Damage can extend from minor tears, from which inflammation (or €˜tendonitis€™) can stem, to more serious rupture

Symptoms: influenced ligament ordinarily swells to 2-3 times its ordinary size, the surrounding delicate tissue will swell and there will be pain while moving.


What can damage Achilles Tendon?

The wrong kind of footwear, disturbance from the shoe against the heal, tight Calf(lower leg) muscles, a short Achilles ligament, biomechanical misalignment, strain from abuse, for example, when playing games and reactions from specific drugs would all be able to prompt damage of the Achilles.

The wrong type of footwear, irritation from the shoe against the heel, tight calf muscles, a short Achilles tendon, biomechanical misalignment, strain from overuse such as when playing sports and side effects from certain medications can all lead to injury of the Achilles.

How can a Podiatrist help?

A full biomechanical test of the lower limb will recognise any underlying issues and identify the best way to treat.

We check and compare both Achilles Tendons and legs, searching for signs, for example, irritation, thickness of the tendon, knobs and any variations from the norm of the bones.

We will also test scope of movement in your joints.

There are various treatments that might help in treating the Achilles:

  • Recommended custom orthotics (to adjust and control foot work)
  • extending counsel and administration and footwear guidance.

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